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Quick Capture tool for General Knowledge

Polybook is built around short, concise 'Tweet-length' Facts that are easy to collect and share.

Each Fact can be used to link to relevant content online (articles, podcasts, blogs, videos...) for further learning.

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“Looking forward to watching Polybook grow - there is potential for something WILD”

Brandon Toner | Digital Gardener
“This is so exciting! I really like the concept and idea.”
Kara DiDomizio | TimeTravelTalks
“This is a really cool app! Download if you have an iPhone.”
Ministry Of History | History Podcast
“It’s got great applications for GCSE students and higher. Brilliant for reducing cognitive overload.”
Laura Elliot | History Teachers Forum
In collaboration with Brunel University London with support from Co-Innovate Journeys

Polybook Ltd

Cloud-based note-taking app in the e-learning / productivity space. Polybook is designed to work with your visual memory to aid recall. Currently available on iPhone. Android and browser versions coming soon.

Cloud-based note-taking app in the e-learning / productivity space.